Fake Science


“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” – Richard Feynman

I am the science.”  You have got to be kidding me Mr. Fauci.  Clearly, you have no training in the Scientific Method or maybe your just plan arrogant.  Home many lives have you and you colleagues destroyed, you fake scientist?

As an actual degreed physicist, I have published here and other media on the process ‘real’ scientists take to address new phenomena.  Yet a singular medical doctor, not a degreed scientist claims the godlike mantel of ‘I am science?’

Welcome to 21st Century quackery.  In his testimony before Congress, “Dr. Fauci reaffirmed shocking testimony that the ‘six feet apart’ social distancing recommendation that he promoted was arbitrary, not based on science, and ‘sort of just appeared.'”  Science?  NOT!!  Do I hear leaches and blood letting are next?

Trillions and Trillions and Trillions

Untold lives and treasure has been destroyed by the Covid-19 quacks.  Not just MD types but a complacent media and hapless governments (politicians as well as regulators) at all levels.

I am not a Covid denier.  Yes, many got sick and too many died, but we are now learning is that a so call ‘medical’ approach to this problem was based on NOTHING real!  Moreover, it appears that senior officials at the  National Health Institute knowingly lied to us repeatedly.

Let me see if I understand this, a US funded research institute focused on ‘gain of function‘ released the Covid or it came from a bat?  Readers can make their own decision.

Pockets were padded and many had their (more) than fifteen minutes of fame.  What did the rest of us get? Lost jobs, closed (forever) small businesses, and now ‘oh joy’ inflation due to government largess.

The National Institute of Health appears to have put in place a systematic procedure to foil Freedom of Information Act requests.   Our right to know and have oversight that limits the ability of dictatorships to emerge was compromised.

The arrogance and disgust which these so called public service hold us, the public is beyond the pail.  But not to worry they are all multimillionaires working on GS 15 (~ $180,000) salaries.  They must get great investment advice.

The old saying about reality is applicable, “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it just may be a duck.”  Or it may be a MD policy wonk from the government that is ‘here to help or destroy your life.’  Remember how those who questioned the conventional wisdom were treated/abused?

Bring in the mandatory masks.  No less than the conservative (lol) AL JAZEERA reports that key Covid players now question the value of masks we were all forced to wear.  Fascism!

What the world was put through for years by dictatorial medical types and the fake media that took down other opinions and approaches is appalling.  Jail time is too good for these liars as they got rich.  Next time they come up with the crap they should be run out of town as they have not earned any respect.

Have you put your liar detector in place when the fake government arrives and says ‘we are here to help/mandate?’

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