The firm believes that Knowledge Transfer must be codified.  In other words, knowledge must be made available to all in media formats that are easily assimilated.  RRI has developed an extensive documented Body of Knowledge, some of which is provided herein.  As always for more information or clarification, please Contact us.

This is a series of monographs that explore our New Business Dynamics.  Several more volumes are in draft stage and will be added when complete.

Structural Dynamics

Rapid Response Management

Asset/Equipment Integrity Governance

Total Produced Water Management – 2014

The State of SEMS: An Overview of Current Deepwater Safety and Environmental Management Systems Practices and Trends – 2013

Integrity Management: Issues & Trends Facing the 21st Century Energy Industry – 2012

Roadmap to Enterprise Optimization: A Guide to the Impact of Information Driven Field Operations on the Petroleum Corporation – 2004

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