The firm believes that Knowledge Transfer must be codified.  In other words, knowledge must be made available to all in media formats that are easily assimilated.  RRI has developed an extensive documented Body of Knowledge, some of which is provided herein.  As always for more information or clarification, please Contact us.

The following books are available from their respective publishers.

Shemwell, Scott M. (forthcoming). Techniques for Successfully Closing Deals in the 21st Century. An RRI e-book. Houston.

Quazi, Hebab & Shemwell, Scott. (2023). Smart Manufacturing: Integrating Transformational Technologies for Competitiveness and Sustainability. Boca Raton: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis.

Shemwell, Scott M. (2020, January 2). Closing the Complex Deal: Your Economic Value Proposition in 10 Minutes or Less. An RRI e-book. Houston. 

S.M. Shemwell & Jia’en Lin (Eds.). (2019). Proceedings of the 2018 International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology Conference. Beijing, China. Singapore: Springer.

Shemwell, Scott M.(2016). Governing Energy: Organizational Governance—Issues of the 21st Century) 2014-2015 Edition. Houston: RRI Publications

_______. (2015). Structural Dynamics: Foundation of Next Generation Management Science. Houston: RRI Publications.

_______. (2014). Governing Energy: Organizational Governance—Issues of the 21st Century) 2012-2013 Edition. Houston: RRI Publications.

Holland, Winford “Dutch” E. and Shemwell, Scott M. (2014). Implementing a Culture of Safety: A Roadmap to Performance-Based Compliance. New York: Xlibris.

Shemwell, Scott M. (2011). Essays on Business and Information II: Maximizing Business Performance. New York: Xlibris.

_______ (2005). Essays on Business and Information Technology Alignment Issues of the Early 21st Century. New York: Xlibris.

_______ (1996). Cross Cultural Negotiations between Japanese and American Businessmen: A Systems Analysis, (Exploratory Study). Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale.

Dr. Shemwell and RRI have extensive experience at all levels of global sales.  Hopefully, these articles can add value to your efforts in this important field.

Closing the Complex Deal: Your Economic Value Proposition in 10 Minutes or Less (ebook) – 2020

How to Make the Case to the C-Suite: Selling Large Scale Data Management Projects to the C Suite – October 2018

The Management of Large Global Account Ecosystems in the Emerging Environment: Guidelines for Technology Providers – March 2002

Selling to the executive suite – November 1997

Dr. Shemwell has been posting blogs, newsletters, comments an opinion pieces since the late 1990s.  These can all be found on this website.  Briefly,

Critical Mass Blog: 2018-Present

Governing Energy:  2012-2018

So, You Want to be an Entrepreneur

Energy Central: 2004-2005


This is a series of monographs that explore our New Business Dynamics.  Several more volumes are in draft stage and will be added when complete.

Structural Dynamics

Rapid Response Management

Asset/Equipment Integrity Governance

Integrity Management: Issues & Trends Facing the 21st Century Energy Industry – 2012

Roadmap to Enterprise Optimization: A Guide to the Impact of Information Driven Field Operations on the Petroleum Corporation – 2004

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