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Models and Checklists

Models and Checklists

Management Science at Your Fingertips

Welcome to RRI’s Models and Checklists.  For years, the firm has developed a set of economic and financial models supporting our practice.  Additionally and especially for regulatory requirements such as the Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) for the Safety Culture we have used several ‘check list’ and ‘go by’ as well. Several are featured herein.

These tools are available for your use free of charge. Hopefully, they will help with some of your more vexing challenges.

Additional supporting materials included in our QuickStart Guide.

Due to their size and complexity, models and checklists are best viewed on a large screen.

More models and checklists are coming. Check back often.

Financial Models

Doing More with Less

Every manager is familiar with the demand to ‘Do More with Less.” In our increasingly complex world, blind obedience is not without significant risk. Assess your Relative Risk.

Complex Risk Assessment

The real world is very complex with many moving parts. It is often the case that the combination of a number of seemingly unrelated and in and of themselves potentially minor events can lead to catastrophe.

Supply & Demand

This is the classic Supply and Demand curve model that most studied in economics.

Risk Adjusted Customer Acquisition Cost Assessment

The customer acquisition process is no long a simple straightforward decision. With low switching costs, there are inherent risks.

Third Party Tools

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Free Online Calculators addressing finance, health, math and other computations.

Excel Formulas

500 Excel Examples covering a wide field.