In one recent study, respondents indicated that big data analytics can effectively, Reduce Costs, enable Faster and Better Decision-Making, and power Innovation.

Typically, advanced IT analytics will include: Data Management, Data Mining, Hadoop, In-Memory, Predictive Analysis and Text Mining.

 Additionally, RRI captures Task Process data from it Operations Management System and ecosystem cultural behavior data from it Cross-Cultural Serious Game. Finally, our Process Simulation is a powerful Risk Management tool feed by organizational knowledge.

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Effectively Accessing and Capitalizing on Organizational Knowledge is critical for Operational Excellence. As with other Core Competencies, partners can assist but it cannot be outsourced as simple Information Technology management. Data Scientists must also have knowledge of business as well as an understanding the relevant enabling technology tool set.


Featured Analytical Solutions

These four solution sets can be implemented immediately and can provide significant value in the near term. As with all ‘digital’ solutions on the RRI Operational Excellence Platform, Cyber-Security is provided by partners who are experts in this field.

Is Your Organization Capturing the Value of It’s Data?

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