Cross Culture

A Global Perspective

One reaches a point in life, and possibly as the result of recent personal events that causes reflection and re-calibration of one’s perspective. While we all know what we have done in our life, sometimes a new look is enlightening. So it is about my engagement with those in the global community.

I am told that within six months of my birth I was on a ship from New York City, through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific to Japan. I did not know then the central role Asia would play in my career and life. As a university student I spent three summers in Germany. Later, the fact that I had lived in Europe qualified me for a sales position with all of Asia as my territory.

I mention this as a prelude to our Cross Cultural Practice review herein. By default, all business is global today. Moreover, diversity and organizational cultural differences among economic and social ecosystems makes every interaction cross cultural.

As a result of global business and travel as well as extensive merger and acquisition experiences, including organizational reorganizations and restructuring, RRI has developed an extensive Cross Culture Practice.

Finally, RRI Principals have led multi-national organizations composed of very diverse work forces. A brief overview follows.

— RRI Managing Director

Direct Sales Engagement

These are the countries RRI have had direct sales and sales management over large technology deals.


The Legend reflects General Management, Consulting or Software Engagements.


RRI Principals have done business in most US states as reflected in the map.

Our Practice

Our Cross Culture Practice is broad and In-depth–the result of decades of work in this space.

Cross Cultural game

Online Collaborative Learning

Online training incorporating a Cross Cultural Serious Game focused on developing team collaboration across ethnic and organizational boundaries. 

Ask about our Safety Culture version.

Training & Workshops

Continuous Learning Throughout Your Career

We provide a full range of continuous learning using the latest pedagogical methodology and enabling technology tools. This assures that all economic actors in the ecosystem have current Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs). This includes senior executives as well as Train the Trainer models.

Safety Culture

A System Solution for Your Ecosystem

A full suite of solutions and enabling software tools to assures Systemic Safety Culture in field operations for Critical Infrastructure sectors. Take a look at our video.

Ask about the Safety Culture version of our Serious Games.

Centers of Excellence

Best Practices & Knowledge Base

Effective knowledge transfer depends on appropriate vehicles that not only capture and store knowledge but have robust methodologies to facilitate the permeation of that knowledge and best practices throughout critical infrastructure sectors.

Join ours or let us set yours up.

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Access Our Full Cross Cultural Solution

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