The Rapid Response Institute (RRI) provides its clients with a variety of tools, training, and expertise tailored to their specific needs.  Solutions are designed to capitalize on the existing organizational infrastructure.  Moreover, by exploiting certain emerging gaming and training technologies, the firm adds measurable and rapid payback economic value to its clients.

Our Mission

The global oil and gas industry is faced with a number of challenges. To meet these challenges, our clients must achieve Organizational Agility, Resiliency and Sustainability.

These three characteristics of the 21st century energy firm require their internalization into the organization.  RRI seeks to partner with and transform organizations, not just consult with them or license our software solutions.

In some cases we work with clients to help them establish a Center of Excellence to assure sustained transformation.

Center of Excellence

Course Development and DeliveryMBA Level Instruction Capabilities
Transformative Field Operations CompetenciesAligned with Universities and Trade Schools
Online/ClassroomTrain the Trainer
Simulation SolutionsCross Cultural Interaction/Negotiations

Economic Solutions

RRI has developed and continues to enhance a number of technology driven solutions that allow our clients to quantitatively in addition to qualitatively support decision-making processes.  Our Serious Game solution for mitigating risks was initially developed with the industry to assess Drilling Project Risks.  It has been extended to a robust project management simulation solution.  Assessing Scenarios and their implications sheds light on possible exposures and enables management to address them proactively.

Over a decade ago, we worked with an operator to assess the value proposition for a digital oilfield investment in a brownfield.  Today, our Economic Value Proposition® Matrix model is routinely used to assess CAPEX and OPEX investments.  It is uniquely capable of addressing Project/Process Intangibles.

Culture of Safety

The upstream Deepwater sector and by extension the entire global industry is undergoing a transformation to one of a systemic Culture of Safety.  In addition to publishing to date the only Change Management Book on this subject, RRI offers Workshops and has released it Cross Cultural Negotiation solution as on online simulation Game specifically tailored to help train industry in this transformation.  We recognize that each organization has a unique culture; hence the industry will have thousands of Cultures of Safety that must work together.

Smart OpEx

Our Cloud based Mobility workflow and compliance focused Operations Management System for field operations was developed with and for the oil and gas industry.  It assures that not just operator personnel but supply chain partners and vendors meet competency requirements and are in compliance with corporate policy, regulations and job requirements—From Policy to Field Sub-task.

We can arrange a demonstration of Smart OpEx anywhere in the world.

Client Base

For over a decade, RRI and its principals have worked with clients across the global energy spectrum.   This includes National Oil Companies, Integrated Oil Companies, Independents, service firms and manufacturers.  Example projects include:




TrainingAsian National Oil CompanyEnergy Economics
TrainingAsian National Oil CompanyOperations Management
Best Practices AssessmentIntegrated Oil CompanyOperations Management Systems
Asset Integrity ManagementSouth American National Oil CompanyWorkshop
Mobility SolutionManyImplementation
Global Procurement Best PracticesSouth American National Oil CompanyStudy and Analysis
Security AssessmentIntegrated Oil CompanyUsing Social Media
Best Practices/TrainingAsian National Oil CompanyImplementation Guidelines
Drilling Best PracticesManufacturerStudy and Analysis


RRI has an office in Mexico and is working with the local communities, organizations and universities to develop a Center of Excellence to advance the economic development, safe operations and personnel competences enhancement.  Recently, we formed a partnership in Georgia with the same objective.

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