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High Reliability

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High Reliability

All industries have a significant risk exposure from operations. Case studies of failure and stakeholder exposures are readily available. Sadly, incidents continue despite years of effort and major expenditures to try to limit these incidents.

Normal Incident Theory (NAT) purports that highly complex systems such as those found in sectors with Critical Infrastructures are subject to levels of uncertainty that makes occasional failure likely. Another perspective, High Reliability Organizing (HRO) suggests that uncertainties can be managed more aggressively and incidents are not foretold.

The Strong Bond Governance approach to Operational Excellence incorporates the HRO risk governance


One of the criteria for Operational Excellence is a High Performance Culture—World class culture with a focus on performance such as a High Reliability Organization with a strong Safety Culture

Mindful Infrastructure for High Reliability

To achieve high reliability, organizations must build a Mindfullness based on the following five criteria. This mindset will enable the Capability to Discover and Manage Unexpected Events, leading to Reliability.

Preoccupation with Failure
Reluctance to Simplify Interpretations
Sensitivity to Operations
Commitment to Resilience
Under Specification of Structures

Reliability is the ability to maintain performance during complexity, uncertainty, and the unexpected. Reliability is a function of:

  • Managing Complexity
  • Decision-Making
  • Managing Errors
  • Learning
  • Managing the Unexpected
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High Reliability Management Action Plan

The Rapid Response Institute has developed an Implementation Plan to transform organizations into High Reliability Organizations as part of their overall Operational Excellence Initiative.

An overview of the model, High Reliability Management in Process Industries: Sustained by Human Factors is available.

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