The Art of Leadership

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Are Leaders born or made?

I was the executive officer for an air defense (military) battery.  The battery Commanding Officer was not someone I would walk across the street to follow.  At the same time, there was a three star general that I would have followed to hell and back.  A one star general I worked for was a dumb as a stump.  Rank and hierarchy have nothing to do with leadership.  Leaders are MADE not born.

Later I learned about the treachery of corporate politics as worthless individuals spent all their time trying to screw the rest of us.  Welcome to the real world of scum.

What Makes a Leader?

When I earned m MBA I was taught about management.  I did not have a single course on leadership. It is no wonder that managers do not know how to inspire and cause true followership.  There are lots of websites, books, pods, etc. about leadership traits and case studies of best/worst leadership.  We will not got there with this piece but take another tack.

Even after training, i.e. military, first responder, law enforcement and more are some leaders great, some good and some horrible?

Psychiatrists, sociologists and others will argue it is personality.  BS, it is all about whether the individual gives a crap about people.

To serve them or to have them serve him/her?

So think about it if your offered a leadership position.  Are you prepared?  Is it something you even want to do or are would you be in it for the power and money?

If the later, you will not be a leader you will be a detriment to your team, organization and society in general.  Just stay the individual contributor and there is nothing wrong with that.

If your up to the task, make people first, power and prestige last.  Good luck with your career and life choices.

What Makes you think you will be a good leader?

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