Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation

Business leadership understands the need for the organization to be profitable. Typical management metrics include KPIs to measure how and whether these goals are met.

Moreover, everyone wants safe and cost effective operations. So why are these goals often missed by firms in the critical infrastructure sectors?

To some extent the fact that public companies must report quarterly earnings causes a short term mentality for some. Likewise, cost and time overruns are additional manageable items as are regulatory fines, litigation and other costs.

Moreover, customers are demanding certain safety and environmental responsibilities be met to even bid jobs (in additional to expertise and capabilities).


Neither the Bain OE construct or the Attaining & Sustaining Operational Excellence: A Best Practice Implementation Model described herein specifically name risk as a separate item.  Risk Management is not just implied, it is part of the very fabric of OE.



Featured Financial Tools

The Mission of The Rapid Response Institute to to help assure that our clients Achieve Organizational Agility, Resiliency and Sustainability. The sole purpose of Our Operational Excellence Platform is to help organizations achieve these measurable goals.

An effective OE initiative requires a commitment of time and resources. “Early Wins” can include the following process and their enabling tools.

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Assessment of Your Financial Process

Having trouble meeting profitable revenue goals? Perhaps we can help. Give us a shout for a no cost no obligation discussion.

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