Looking for Smart Manufacturing Book Material

I am one of three co-editors for a forthcoming book titled, “Smart Manufacturing: Integrating Transformational Technologies for Competitiveness and Sustainability.”  My focus is on Operational Technologies.  This includes the fields in the accompanying table.

The volume will be published by CRC in 2022 with the manuscript due December 2021.  This will be a substantial volume; some 250 pages in length with 150 illustrations.

As part of this effort, I am soliciting technical material on these subjects from knowledgeable resources (organizations and individual expertise).  As a general rule we will not be quoting individuals; however, we will cite data and information sources.

If you would like to provide input or can direct this to the appropriate individuals in your organization it will be greatly appreciated.  We have set up a Dropbox Folder for your convenience.

Thank you very much, Scott

If you have a file(s) to upload, please add it to our Dropbox using the button below.  If you have a URL to a document, please Submit using the form below,  If more than four URLs, please resubmit the form as necessary.

Automation Optimization Process Integration
Energy Conversion and Conservation Resources Utilization and Conservation Maximizing Utilization of Assets
Quality Control and Management Supply Chain Integration
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