Forthcoming Books

To date, Dr. Shemwell has published nine (9) books.  He continues to develop thought leadership in contemporary business settings.  This page provides a brief abstract or synopsis of two key (book) works underway.

We are soliciting input to these works to capture the sum total knowledge in these fields.  If you have some ideas, please feel free to contact us.  Finally, if you would like to be kept abreast of these writings and the publication dates, please let us know as well.

Techniques for Successfully Closing Deals in the 21st Century

As shown in the Sales Expertise section, Dr. Shemwell has been actively involved in B2B technology selling for several decades.

As my experience and expertise grew I started documented my knowledge in a series of articles, beginning with my 1997 article, Selling to the executive suite.  This was followed by a multitude of articles.

Recently, it seemed that it was time to pull all of this together into a single work that defines the B2B process as well as providing a Roadmap for successful ‘deal’ closing.

This was partly driven by what we saw as sales solutions by a number of pundits, consultants and sales solution providers.  Many of which are re-packaged older and not particularly successful models.

The selling process, aka revenue generation has historically been seen from the lens of so-called ‘cowboy’ lone wolf sales representatives.  Even in the old days, nothing could be further from the truth.  A large organizational sale requires the coordination of both customer requirements as well as the needs of the selling company departments.

Moreover, an economic value proposition must be put forth that addresses and convinces the buyer of that the problem is property handled.  Beginning in 2004 we started developing our Economic Value Proposition Matrix that specifically allows the seller and by extension to confirm the bottom line value from the sale.

To this end we published a blog, Resolve 2022: Close More Deals! that is essentially the abstract of this forthcoming book.  We believe this Roadmap will be the definitive actionable guide to successful selling in the era of ‘Smart.’

Sales Expertise

One of the advantages of age, is the opportunity to participate in a number of business and technical cycles.  Since 1970, I have participated in the entire post-IBM mainframe era.  The so-called Internet/IT Dog Years of technology has exploded and now we all talk about ‘Smart.’  Over this period, the following key sales metrics have been met.

  • Acknowledged thought leader and author on Hi-Tech B2B at global scale
  • Total direct sales of over $3 billion during career – extensive international experience
  • Head of Software Business Unit w/P&L Responsibility
  • As an International Sales Executive sold a single order in excess of $350 million (in today’s dollars) – hardware and software systems to global Japanese firm in Tokyo
  • Responsible for revenue generation of over $500 million as sales manager for oilfield operations outsourcing
  • Over $40 million in professional services in a single fiscal year
  • Serial entrepreneur, exit (merge/sold) two start-up firms

Just Published - Smart Manufacturing

Dr. Shemwell is one of two co-editors for our 2023 book titled, “Smart Manufacturing: Integrating Transformational Technologies for Competitiveness and Sustainability.”  My focus is on Operational Technologies.

The volume was published by CRC in 2023.  This will be a substantial volume with approximately 25 illustrations.

Fields Covered Include:

  • Automation
  • Energy Conversion and Conservation
  • Optimization
  • Process Integration
  • Maximizing Utilization of Assets
  • Quality Control and Management
  • Resource Utilization and Conservation
  • Supply Chain Integration

And much more!

Getting Smart

Since 1970, the author has been directly involved in the digitalization of Critical Infrastructure sector work processes.  This includes guided missile systems, other aerospace, oil and gas operations, nuclear power generation, electrical grid and ‘smart’ medical devices among others.

This book pulls together the sum total of that career knowledge which includes the acquisition and sale of software firms as well as the merger of his technology start up with a publicly traded energy services corporation.

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