Economic Value Proposition Matrix (R)

Economic Value Proposition Matrix (R)


Welcome to The Rapid Response Institute Economic Value Proposition Matrix (EVPM) model. One of the most critical issues any organization faces is the development and communication of a compelling value proposition for its customers. This process is very important for those start up firms that are positing “disruptive” solutions for the energy sector.

The Rapid Response Institute is pleased to make a limited model available at no charge to our Clients and others as part of your business development process. We hope you find this process helpful.

This Economic Value Proposition Matrix model was originally formulated in 2004 to assess the value of a CAPEX (capital expenditure) for a “digital oilfield” initiative for a Super Independent operator who was interested in increasing the performance of an older brownfield. Since then it has been used continuously for many technology assessments. It is very useful when addressing the value of intangibles such as productivity and efficiency increases.

Think of this as an iterative process that you and your customers undertake together. Do not think of the model as a numerical answer but more a “What If” approach. It is designed to make you think through the process of

“Translating Your Technology into the Language of Business.”

For more information, interested parties can find Case Studies available on the EVPM Website (see below) as well as on Case Studies Snapshots. Also, check out the slide deck and icons herein. Need help? Contact Us.

EVPM Overview

For all the details, including case studies.

Closing the Complex Sale

In ten minutes or less. Complement to the video.

Free Model

Use the free EVPM for all of your economic assessments.

Making the Complex Sale

This video tells the whole story in less than 45 minutes. Check it out.

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