Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence

Part of the Mission of The Rapid Response Institute, especially as part of Economic Development is the development of Centers of Excellence. The intent is to ‘seed’ local sustained capabilities in Operational Excellence subject areas.

RRI believes that working with local educational institutions, public/private organizations and governments can further the development of that society and enhance the lives of the local and extended populations.

A Center of Excellence embodies education, local economic development and enhancement of the workforce and management. The expectation is independent sustainability.

Operational Excellence Best Practice

In late 2017, The Rapid Response Institute released its Operational Excellence Best Practice Implementation Guidelines, taken from the BTOES Insights article associated with this White Paper; Assuring Operational Excellence from Contractors and Their Subcontractors II: A Best Practice Model Abstract.

It is intended as an Executive Summary and additional details are available upon request.



Featured Centers of Excellence

The Rapid Response Institute has developed standard maturity models such as Safety Culture, Asset Integrity Management and the Digital Oilfield.  However, programs can be customized to me your specific requirements, i.e., Process Assessment.


Safety Culture

Process Assessment

Operational Excellence

Diverse Teaming

Let us show you how we can enable a Center of Excellence for your Ecosystem.

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