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With a Big Smile and a hand stretched out, customers are greeted as if they are long lost cousins.

Sound like the used car sales guy of the 1950″s?  Perhaps, but still fairly typical today in many cases.  So how does one assess the honesty of a business executive, sales representative, customer service or anyone we meet in a business setting?  From one academic source, liars with evil intent may display some of the following traits:

  • There will likely be physical signs.
  • They’ll repeat the same story over and over.
  • They’ll be oddly chronological.
  • They’ll speak more eloquently.
  • They’ll drop or change pronouns.
  • Their sentences may be full of qualifiers.

We teach our children to beware of strangers–Stranger Danger!  However, have you ever seen a very young child recoil when something does not seem just right?  In this pundit opinion, babes are born with an understanding that not everyone is a good guy.  This innate situational awareness (0pen this link, it is a wealth of information regarding personal safety) is in all of us.

I have always loved this song.  It has a very clear message.  a snake is a snake is a snake.  So it is with business snakes.  Their spots will not change.

How many of us have lost corporate political battles to outright liars?  All, I suspect.  Some interesting approaches towards deal with liars include:

Copying Tips

  1. Be on guard and prepare
  2. Keep records
  3. Keep the focus on the relationship
  4. Know not to trust behavior in the heat of the moment
  5. Ignore them
  6. Be patient
  7. Don’t feel the need to call them out on everything

Confronting the Liar

  1. Offer a way out before you address the lie
  2. Disrupt the habit over and over
  3. Allude to their lying patterns
  4. Suggest therapy

Understanding the Liar

  1. Know the difference between a pathological liar and a scumbag
  2. Understand why they lie
  3. Know they may hate who they actually are
  4. Take care of yourself

The world is full of liar, criminals and other miscreate.  The organizational world is a mirror of any society, so set your expectations accordingly.  Moreover, as we know from cyber crime and scams evil does evolve.  Make your your snake detector evolves as well.

How do you know if some seeks to take advantage of you or your organization?

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