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The days of the so-called gentlemen’s/gentlewoman’s handshake agreement are over if they ever truly existed.

One of the most famous handshake deals was the 1983 acquisition of Getty Oil by Pennzoil.  Texaco sought to sweeten the deal with a superior offer that Getty accepted.  The original deal made in New York was later upheld in the state of Texas and Pennzoil prevailed.  As with much litigation, it appeared jurisdiction the trial was held mattered a lot.  One wonders even in Texas if that type agreement would be upheld today.

Agreements are broken all the time and the soc-called ‘he said–she said’ defense is frequent.  Moreover, loose interpretation of poor or deliberately cloudy language gives the unscrupulous an upper hand.

For example, early in this writer’s sales career my team closed a (single) deal that represented over 10% of a public company’s division yearly sales.  The company reneged on the commission deal citing its ability to renegotiate commissions for ‘unique’ situations.  Needless to say, I resigned and no one else ever tried to go for the ‘brass ring’ deal again.  Guess they won.  Maybe not as my personal sales throughout my career were enormous dwarfing this first multi-million dollar sale.

In another case, a technology deal fell apart when (after a handshake) the buyer refused to pay.  You can imagine what happened next.  Finally, how many of us have been lied to about opportunities?  Happens every day.

Recently, I secured an online offer for an artmobile I wanted to sell.  Upon “inspection” I was told blank, blank were issues and the price was reduced by 2/3.  I left and will offer the name of the national firm to anyone who wants it.  What goes around comes around.

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) has been replace with the due diligence both parties are now required to perform.  And this assumes both parties are engaged in a legal transaction.  All bets are off if you succumb to dead relatives in Africa leaving you millions, huge lines of bank credit offered and thousands of nefarious thieves scamming (too weak a word–should be just be out right criminals)

Trust But Verify

Sage wisdom from an actor turned president.  Oh wait, he was too old and unqualified, so it must not mean anything!

We all have to do business with a wide variety of individuals and even organizations with questionable ethics.  We must get our so-called ‘ducks in a row’  and maintain a high level of situational awareness.

What steps do you take to make sure you and your firm enter into strong enforceable contracts?

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