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The Rapid Response Institute focuses its serious game and scenario simulation on tough industry problems. Solutions and projects include:

Project Management Simulation
Risk Mitigation
Strategic Options Assessment
Business Process Modeling and Simulation
Real Time Network Exposure Assessment
Field Operations Management
Process “Bottleneck” Assessment

Gaming simulations can be constructed for any business or technical process and The Rapid Response Institute principals have extensive experience in this field. Two of the firm’s flagship solutions are described in greater detail; Project Management Scenario Simulation and Risk Mitigation.

Project Management Scenario Simulation

The Rapid Response Institute developed its Project Management Simulation Solution to address the pressing needs of the engineering and construction industry and their clients. This methodology provides a robust fully integrated approach that adds significant value to firms faced with the changing dynamics of the global marketplace.

According to one source—“The most dramatic example comes from billion-dollar class projects, which have experienced an average cost overrun of more than 40% over the last decade.” Moreover, personnel and material shortages demand new ways of managing large complex global projects if the industry is to be more successful than it has been in the past. In an earlier study principals at The Rapid Response Institute determined that up to 50% saving can be attributed to advanced integrated project management techniques that include scenario simulations.

Risk Mitigation

In our ever increasingly complex global business environment, perhaps one of the most challenging business processes undertaken is risk mitigation. As noted previously, the cost of error can be substantial both in human and property terms as well as economic.

For over seven years, The Rapid Response Institute’s robust risk mitigation simulation solution has been used by heavy industry, most notably oil and gas drilling risk modeling and simulation. Developed in collaboration with clients this solutions provides management with the tool necessary to “test” a wide range of possible scenarios at ZERO risk.

Gaming your risk profile in a collaborative environment allows decision makers to take full advantage of organizational knowledge before as well as during any process or project. Much the same way as NASA simulated Shuttle processes but at a fraction of the cost and in your conference room, desktop, or virtual meeting environment.

The old adage, ‘measure many times, cut once,’ is true for carpenters, laying the keel on an FPSO, or a major drilling program. It is much less expensive to model complex processes on a computer before committing to cutting or in the case of drilling, turning to the right.

Develop Your Serious Game Today

Utilized by Fortune 100 global firms as well as midsize organizations and with over almost two decades of development, this solution is available in a number of formats:

Workshop, either at your location or online
Training, either at your location or online
Software Simulation Solution
Cloud Solution
Full Documentation
Full Support

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