Can Never Be Proved Right!

“If it disagrees with experiment, its wrong”—Richard Feynman

Full Disclosure: this author holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics.  My doctoral dissertation developed a new Game Theory based practical solution.

For those unfamiliar with this discipline, check out the movie Beautiful Mind or the work of John von Neumann who is also the father of the modern computing architecture.  Our approach is based on these integrated disciplines.

This follows on the last blog and was inspired by a weekend conversation with my brother who holds a Ph.D. in physics and has invented products making the aviation world much safer.

The incomparable (Nobel Prize in Physics) Richard Feynman knew how to teach physics to laypeople.  One of his most notable moments was when he showed the shuttle Challenger committee that freezing o-rings made them more brittle—something most living in the north intuitively know but somehow was lost during cold snaps in Florida (not entirely as some warned of this potential).  The other option was “get-there-itis” or the need to fulfill a mission no matter what.  Time, money and reputation at risk.  For more information, check out the final report on the Challenger.

Instead of taking your time to read this pundit’s opinion, spend 10 minutes to hear what this Nobel Laurate has to say regarding the definition of Science and the Scientific Method.  He also argues that with ‘Vague Theory’ you can get multiple results, aka pseudo-science.

I think this model works for Covid-19 as well.  After all, addressing this pathogen is largely technology based.

“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled”

—R. Feynman, Challenger Report

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The Short Version of this Feynman lecture.

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