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It seems like there are a lot of answers these days, even to questions that have not been posed.  As of this writing, this author understands that masks work for Covid-19 but vaccines not so much although we are advised to get the shots and even a third one this fall.  So many flip-flops I feel like I spent the last year on a beach.

Claiming, The settled Science says … is an answer designed to shut down debate.  Facts are, unless one believes the world is flat or the earth is the center of the universe (thank you Galileo Galilei), science is never settled.  If it were. we would be living in a Flintstones’ world.

“And the Answer Is . . .”

Thank you Alex.  For almost two years, we have been told the answers to the Covid-19 crisis are understood and the data is valid and reliable.   Then it isn’t.  Blamed on a dynamic and changing environment, we are told “we are following the science.  Or perhaps just a political slogan.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”  Just sit down, shut up and do as your told is often the mantra when authorizes’ edicts are questioned.  Good advise for a toddler but not so much for those over the age of 10.

Are We There Yet?

Tesla crashes are the latest Big Data enabled autopilot failures.  The level of maturity regarding digitalization and its various cousins has been discussed in this blog before.  Begging the question, are we ready for data Prime Time?

We are besieged with answers from all manner of pundits, both electronic and in person.  We are told, “we must believe” without any serious discussion or in-depth assessment of the explanation.  Moreover, many of these statements regarding technology have not undergone the Scientific Method process.

The result; many do not believe.  Covid-19 vaccination concerns are but one example of this squandering of faith.  Readers may have other issues that bother them.

One consistent argument for not taking the inoculation is that vaccines take many years to develop and vet.  Perhaps, in the past but (1) we don’t have years with this deadly virus and (2) technology marches on and perhaps years are no longer required.  One can argue that this lack of trust is a result of so many answers in advance of the questions.

How is your organization assuring that Answers are not being provided before the Questions are asked?

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