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This author recently received an automated text message regarding an upcoming process.  Received the day before the scheduled process, the text described pre-process procedures (as if it was in the future) to be completed 72 hours beforehand.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are ubiquitous.  These automated systems remind customers of valid business relationships as well as enabling scammers with all manner of fraud or worse.

Process Management

We have known for some time that any automated IT scenarios require that a specific process be identified and codified.  In other words, before IT system implementation a Process Assessment must be undertaken and verified as correct.

It seems that in the case above, this assessment was poorly done.  Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with many CRM systems.  Perhaps, this is because ‘process’ is not a term common to the marketing and sales profession.  However, one would think that the CRM IT provider would know better?


For those who think repeated emails or texts to a non-responsive prospect or even customer will win of the day.  Think again, this concept is a major turn off.

“Just checking to see if you got my previous email,” just reinforces why I don’t want to do business with you.  If your first message does not generated interest, restating it ‘repeatedly’ will not either.

Moreover, we have previously commented on the cold call phase, “I’d love to jump on a call with you and learn more about your company.  I am sure we can help.”  Another non starter.  The sales rep/company must put forth a value proposition that addresses MY issue.  Therefore, homework is required and not just a bunch of unintelligent automated calls/texts/emails.

For those readers interested, we have previously addressed the concept of a ‘meaningful’ Value Proposition in detail.

Final Thoughts

Poorly designed Customer Relationship Management systems whose processes appear to be frivolous can alienate customers and cause prospects to disregard your message.  The cost of Customer Acquisition and Retention can be very high.  Doesn’t the process aimed at both activities warrant as much thought as your organization’s financial and other systems.

How is your organization treating your customers and prospects?

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