THE SCIENCE: The Reason We Need STEM

Almost every day, we hear that “The Science” says . . .  We are told Covid-19 and Climate Change are based on The Science and as such we must accept that expert analyses as ‘settled.’  Then something changes and once more the science police demand we accept their new interpretation.

The near-term result: confusion and lack of trust, even acrimony.  The Science, as presented by the media, politicians and others is a static solution.  As we follow The Science, we are told we must adjust but not necessarily why.

There is no reason to trust to fate or our political betters (call themselves elites).  The Science is not that mysterious.  The term is meant to deride most of us, including degreed scientists like this author.  Might want to ask those pontificating to define the ‘Scientific Method.’

Set at the beginning of the 20th Century Space Race, the movie, Hidden Figures brought broad attention to the mathematical genius of a group of then unknown women.  They were instrumental helping the fledgling NASA achieve the early goals of manned space flight, including the lunar landings.  They understood The Science better than others.

On the Shoulders of Giants

With the social deck stacked against them, these women rose above the norms of the time and accomplished feats unknown and certainly unexpected by contemporaries.  Perhaps more importantly, they demonstrated that math and science is not reserved for elites.  They educated all of us.

We live in a technological age and told shortly everything will be ‘Smart.’  The workforce will change, and our view of the world will be dramatically different.  Moreover, many of us will no longer be relevant or even employable.  Balderdash!

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

STEM is the anacronym for the set of technical knowledge embodied in these ‘hard’ disciplines.  Collectively, they form the backbone of our 21st Century economy and social advancement.  While liberal arts disciplines are important, STEM knowledge is critical if we are to hold the ‘experts’ accountable.

Increasingly, ‘soft’ or social skills are also seen as important.  The old concept of the ‘Nerd’ is giving way to the technologist with human empathy.

The emerging generation(s) will need STEM expertise as well as soft skills.  In some ways this is no different than previous times when the Titans of Industry changed their world.  Building on new technologies, they built business.  A successful business requires a knowledgeable workforce that can monetize technology.

The titans this time are everyday men and women, even juveniles.  Knowledge of STEM subjects is dictating individual success or failure.  Get on the STEM train.

Role of R B C

We have routinely commented on the Relationships, Behaviors, Conditions model first put forth in the 1990s.  From a previous blog, “One of the basic tenets of the RBC Framework is the general construct that Relationships cannot be determined a priori.  The well-used example is a man and a woman sitting on a bench at a bus stop.  Are they married, siblings, coworkers, friends or simply two people waiting to catch the same/different bus?

Their relationship cannot be known directly.  However, their Behaviors will provide insight into how they relate to each other.  Romantic behavior may indicate marriage, dating, an affair etc. They may still be coworkers but most likely are not strangers.

The third dimension, Conditions (environment) can be considered the stage upon which behaviors play.”

One can make the case that STEM is a condition or situation.  In other words, our technology environment.  The behavior of individuals with these skill sets will determine the relationship these individuals have with their peers, customers/business ecosystem and economy/society in general.


We spend a lot of time, quoting “The Science.”  Most vocalizing the term are not scientists or even qualified to understand its basic tenets.  But taken as gospel because of some perceived authority, i.e., politicians, newscasters, celebrities and bureaucrats among others.

This scientist suggests that STEM is necessary to assure the emerging generations understand “The Science” and how it can actually be used to benefit mankind.  And, oh yea and make a buck!

Where does STEM fit in Your Organization’s Strategy?

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