How Bored Are You? – Adding Value During the Pandemic

A friend of mine sent me this uncited picture, so my apologies to the originator as I cannot give you the rightful credit deserved.  If you see this, let me know and I will update this blog.

We are all enduring 2020 in our own way.  Sometimes positive but often negative.  Battling my own 2020 demons, I was never tempted to invent new mathematics.

Other than the obvious humor of this likeness, what value add have we provided society since March?  For some dealing with job changes/loss and the kiddos at home may make developing calculus a seemingly easy task.  Some families have faced hospitalization and even the loss of loved ones.

We all have been touched by this disease and personally, family and close friends have contracted it.  So far, all are recovering or have.

With vaccines on the near horizon and with a pathogen (typical) lifecycle record of less than a couple of years, we may all move on and back to normal—in this pundit’s opinion not the new normal many prognosticate pontificate.  Likely, the old mask-less normal.

We all have choices to make and in many cases have already made them.  While therapeutics and vaccines look very promising, the virus is still with us.  Personally, we have four choices.  Where we find ourselves at the end is a function of current behaviors.

Note that developing new math is probably not one of them; however, new Apps are a distinct possibility.  New art, writing, music, businesses and a plethora of other options can be your contribution.  Carpe diem or make the most of your Isaac Newton moment.

This virus is often compared to the 1918 so-call Spanish Flu; however, six pathogens have haunted the human race since then with another 14 in recorded history—not to mention polio that started circa 1916 and ran well into the 1950s..  Seems that one way or another we are all sentenced to live with this kind of scourge.

How we make the best of it is up to each one of us.  Spend your time well—add value as opposed to waistline.

What will you tell your kids you did during the 2020 pandemic?

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