Complicity or Write a Book?

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With the change of the US federal administration, previous key individuals are now coming out and writing books regarding their former boss.  This all the while with plenty of video evidence where these individuals pontificated a position and even changed their position dramatically while in the employ and in seemingly in support of that administration’s policy.

Now some of the very architects of the US response to the Coronavirus are claiming their innocence all the while blaming others for thousands of deaths.  The nerve.  If true, she is equally responsible and perhaps more since she is a medical doctor.  First do no harm.

We all have a boss and most need a job; however, when does an individual’s moral compass come to play?  Senior officials who will be gainfully employed doing something else fail to come forward or even resign.  THEN they claim victimhood!  The LOVE of power is so intoxicating.

Remember, ordinary Germans were widely condemned after World War II for much less personal involvement.


Many institutions lack any credulity today.  This is not news and is a widely held view.  Any wonder when so called responsible parties now claim they could have reduced deaths but failed to do so?

Organizational maleficence often leads to criminal charges and many executives have gone to jail.  If many of the books written after every administration are true, should at least some authors be at least censured for the complicity they themselves are documenting?


We have addressed the issue of governance a number of times.  Most notably in 2011, as part of our Changing the Dialogue monographs, Asset/Equipment Integrity Governance: Operations–Enterprise Alignment (A Case for Board Oversight) addressed the role of operations including environmental and social issues as critical components of the role of organizations.

As part of the Safety and Environmental Management System tenets, the right for individuals to express themselves without redress is sacrosanct.  Surely, this includes senior officials?  If they can’t or rather seek to write ‘tell all’ books later, governance models are at risk.

The days of Yes Men (and Women) and Empty Suits are over.  Perhaps, organizations need to clean house.

How Do You Know Y0ur Advisors are Being Honest with You?

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