Post Covid-19 Operational Performance

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Not the So-Called New Normal


The light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel may not be the train many still believe.  Populations are being inoculated at very high rates.  Moreover, there is ample evidence in my metropolitan area that the general population no longer believes or adheres to the ‘advice of experts.’  This should surprise no one who understands the US long history of civil disobedience.

We pundits forecasting the new normal following a traumatic social event always get it wrong and so we will again this time.  There is a simple reason for this–Human Behavioral Economics.  Another leg of the three legged stool is the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and not all technologies are at the same level or even play well together.  Finally, Organizational Culture must be ready as well.  If these situational settings are not met, the crisis passes and we get back into the comfortable and familiar.

Following the initial euphoria that we could work from home and not wear pants, many discovered this really was not for them.  Many children did not do as well in a stay at home educational setting and teachers were challenged as well.  Moreover, many tasks require personal engagement.

Many are Called . . .

As always winners and losers will emerge and it will take some time for that rank order to solidify.  While digital is important and we have supported that business model for decades, bits will not physically move the barrels.  Still will take heavy industrial technology and processes.

Using information and other technologies to drive Operations Management Systems are the future.  Not necessarily driven by IT firms but those digital engineers steeped in both disciplines.

If Organizations are to achieve successful Sustainability, they first need a High Reliability level of Agility and Resiliency.  The only get these attributes when they perform at a high level of Excellence.

So as we arrive at another new normal, we need to recognize that not everything from the past was bad and not everything we see today is good.  Some processes will be sustained and coupled with newer one.  New Normals do not really destroy the past; we continue to evolve.

Even innovation from Creative Destruction is not instantaneous.

How will your organization take advantage of emerging opportunities?

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