Artificial Stupidity

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The frustration to the automated phone operator are legend.  All of us have had our issues with this form of (non) customer service.

Recently this pundit placed a call at a number provided by the vendor and went though all the (voice) menu items, only to hit the ‘other’ button.  At this point, I was advised to dial the number I already had.  So much for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and welcome to the era of Artificial Stupidity.

Firms are all jumping on the AI bandwagon, even though the technology is immature at best.   Sound like the bomb of a quarter of a century ago.  One wonders, what damage to their brand are the organizations incurring?

Enter the MVP Mindset

In recent years the software development sector has ‘Dumbing Down’ the level of  product commerciality.  Minimum Viable Product or MVP can be defined as, “The version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.”  Used to be called BETA in the good old days.  Now MVP is often seen as THE commercially released product.  Dah, hence the issues, frustration and lack of credibility in so-called AI solutions.

All Things AI

As mentioned, AI is all the rage.  Much like a fashion statement. everyone is jumping on that bandwagon.  But does it work?  Moreover, it encompasses a large spectrum of operations.

Basically, anything that need big data crunching.  Yet crunching numbers is only interesting at best.  What problem is being solved?  This is where the weakness continues.  Algorithms are only as good as their author.  Some argue machines will take over this task, but one doubts anytime soon.  For example, jet engine commercial airlines are over 65 years old but increasingly seem to have construction/maintenance issues.  What makes us think this technology will be any different?  The Technology Adoption curve can be very lengthy and full of potholes.

The judicious use of commercial quality software makes the most sense.  Just because every one is doing it is not a shareholder value added.  In many cases a sloppy approach actually decreases equity value.

What is your organization’s approach to new technology and how does it add value?

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