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Organizational Conflict may not be visible.  Passive Aggressive executives may not exhibit the classic signs of stress.

The stresses of everyday business are well understood by those in that mix.  Each individual has an agenda based on his/her personal desires as well as organizational job description and target (goal) requirements.

By definition, this puts all in an organization conflict situation.  Moreover, this is not necessarily a negative environment.  Stress between individuals and division can lead to synergies beyond the immediate.

This so-called Tension at the Margin concept is taken from the physical construct Surface Tension, a relationship between two different substances such as water and air.  In other words, there is always a bit of tension or stress between two or more different entities–living or inanimate. 

The problem manifests itself when conflict becomes counter productive.  Political agendas overtake the goals of the organization and individuals see themselves as superior to the organizations of which they are employed.  We first addressed this issue in our 1994 peer reviewed article, Organizational Conflict and Dispute Resolution.

Managed stress can add significant value; we see this in competitive sports everyday.  Unmanaged stress can lead to a cardiac event both personally and organizationally.

How is your organization managing its Tension at the Margin?

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