You’re Kidding, Right?


Not Again


In 2018 we posted an opinion regarding social media driven sales ‘cold calling.’  As noted then, the comments went along the lines, “I reviewed your profile and I know I can help.”  This unsolicited approach continues to be blown off by this and other pundits/potential customers as amateurish.

Recently, the tactic has sifted.  Now the argument seems to refrain (not literally), “I have reviewed your profile and I would like to offer you something that you have no interest in.”  What?

In the past few weeks, I have been offered the opportunity to ‘buy in’ to an insurance agency, retain a coach, buy a franchise specifically chosen for me, and any number of prospect generation engagements.  Kidding right?  As if I do not know how to run my business?

Innovative solutions that individuals and organizations are not aware of can add value and ‘reaching out’ to inform those unaware is legitimate and a long standing sales approach.  Most prospects welcome this knowledge and then can make an informed decision as to the relevance to their needs.

Lunch and Learn models come to mind.  If I respond to this invitation, perhaps I am a qualified prospect worthy of follow up.

The Call Back . . .

Then, “Since you did not respond, I am sending you the same crap again“.  Maybe there was no response because the owner of a software company does not want to invest in the insurance business.

A follow up should further the prospects knowledge, thus generating interest.  Regurgitating the same o ‘ same o ‘ is pointless, if not insulting.

What a waste of everyone’s time, including the seller.  If the idea is just to blast everyone and see what sticks, this approach has never really worked.

For example, somehow despite my being on the ‘no mail’ list this writer routinely receives (snail) junk mail from an AC service company that is not nearby, two real estate brokers I have no relationship with (one because they sold the house next to mine last year) and the infamous, home insurance renewal scam.

Finally, I love the one whereby the vendor will send me qualified leads for my stock brokerage business.  What filter did that guy use?  Maybe AI.  As might be expected, none of these vendors received a call back, much less a sale.

Someone With Your Name

We have all received notification that someone with your surname has died and her/his bank account has millions in it.  “I am writing to you because we can transfer this wealth to you.  Just send us your banking information.”

How is any of this different from online cold calling?  At its core, it is not.  These approaches to selling are abusive and condescending.  Moreover, they are not likely to win any business.  They come across as scams and not bonifide offers.

Develop a Value Proposition

If you want my business, explain how its adds value to my life.  Don’t just blast out something you HOPE will get my attention.  Why do I need coaching?  Why do I need a franchise or insurance agency?  Tell me something that matters to me.

I am sure this message will not be heeded and I expect to continue to receive worthless materials from people I do not know.  The waste of bits and bites will not stop.  Just know that like rewards from the African princesses, such requests will go to Junk.

For a sales model that works, see our Economic Value Proposition Matrix® (EVPM).  Additional information and a free version to build your own EVPM is available.

Are You Doing Your Homework and Presenting Yourself/Organization as a Legitimate Provider?

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