Safety Santa: Another Case of Operational Excellence Success

Safety Santa

A year ago, it was the pleasure of this blogger to report that Santa Clause completed yet another successful global fulfillment process AND importantly, the process was in compliance with the US Federal Aviation Authority’s (FAA) regulations.  A great deal of progress since the advent of one red light on the nose of the lead reindeer!

This year we are once again pleased to report that not only have the flying sled and its power plants remained in compliance with the FAA but has now taken additional steps forward.  Incorporating new technologies and processes, safety has been enhanced in the following manner:

  • Addressing Slips, Trips and Fails with new safety/skip proof landing gear
  • A new Confined Space program along with appropriate personal safety gear
  • An alarm Klaxon and Better Lighting
  • Enhance Safety Restraints such as airbags and an overhead guard
  • Extensive Head, Vision, and Hearing Protection systems
  • Better Work Place Violence technology enabled processes
  • A new Cargo Restraint system

It looks like the arctic region of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) outreach program is having great success.  Interested readers are invited to review the above safety Infographic for further details and perhaps new insights.

Simplified Business Model

There are a lot of lessons herein for those who don’t live at a mythical north pole.  First, it seems that much if not all the safety improvements made are inexpensive and easily implemented.

Next, change management and new policies appear to be welcomed by those affected.  Answering the, “What’s In It For Me” question when adopting new technologies.

Management is also ‘walking the walk’ with employees by driving the sled and taking the same risks as the rest of the team fulfilling customer requirements, i.e., snow covered rooftops and chimneys.  One can argue that this entire team is the Customer Facing part of the system.  Finally, customers have high expectations that must be met, and late delivery is not an option—this project has a fixed deadline!

Stakeholder Value

With billions of children waiting and using a complex and global logistics system, this team does not disappoint.  Earlier competitors have long dropped off the map.

So why with a clear monopoly does this organization still seek greater Operational Excellence with its transformational Safety Culture?

Simple—safe and excellent operational performance is good business!  Less unplanned downtime increases the bottom line.  Few incidents increase morale and the bottom line.

Fewer legal issues, regulatory matters, and so forth and so on positively impact the bottom line.  With such significant ROI, what’s a stakeholder not to like?

Is Your Operational Safety on Par with Ole Saint Nick?

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