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We are pleased to announce the publication of our new book, Smart Manufacturing: Integrating Transformational Technologies for Competitiveness and Sustainability.

The first sentence in the Abstract of Chapter 2, Operational Technologies reads, “There is a lot of information about ‘Smart Manufacturing’ albeit precious little information about its implementation and ongoing sustainability. Without a set of guidelines or what is commonly known as a Roadmap, the likelihood of success is limited.  Like an architect’s blueprint, a Roadmap provides management and its Information Technology (IT) support organizations (internal/external) with the ability to cost effectively drive their organizations toward Smart.”  This is the theme of the book which develops an actionable Roadmap that enables organizations to successful implement and sustain Smart Transformational Change.

Implementation Process

Regardless of your industry sector, there are several major processes to follow when developing and implementing a Smart Transformation.

  •  Identify the Economic Value of the investment
  • Determine the Maturity of the Technology to be used and Risk associated with its use
  • Process drives the Technology, not the use of ‘cool’ or topical hype
  • Align with industry and technology Standards
  • Put in place a Risk Mitigation strategy
  • Learn from other’s Best or Good Practices
  •  Drive the organizational Transformational Process
  • Manage to the Measures of Success

We have driven this type of change based on new technologies and knowledge for almost 50 years.  This approach is ‘Tried and True’ as well as well documented.  One suggests that the Roadmap provided is the framework needed for success regardless of your industry sector.

How are you assuring the Smart Transformation adds Value to your Organization?

For More Information

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See our Economic Value Proposition Matrix® (EVPM) for additional information and a free version to build your own EVPM.

The author’s credentials in this field are available on his LinkedIn page.

“People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.” (Martin Luther King speech at Cornell College, 1962).  For more information on Cross Cultural Engagement, check out our Cross Cultural Serious Game.  You can contact this author as well.

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For those start-up firms addressing energy (including renewables) challenges, the author can put you in touch with Global Energy Mentors which provide no-cost mentoring services from energy experts.  If interested, check it out and give me a shout.

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