According to one source, “The (Halloween) tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.”


Is your organization dressing up to fight for an old dead culture?

The Answer is NO, Even if it Kills Me!!

Decades an organization I know well acquired a direct (high tech) competitor for one of its divisions.  I believe the idea was to gain market share, become more competitive and so forth and so.  All the ‘good’ reasons mergers and acquisitions are viewed as adding value.

For several years both sides visibly fought the merger.  In the end, the new unit failed and was sold.  ALL lost their jobs!  Yet, I guess they won.

Cultural Change Ain’t That Hard

What were they thinking as those lemmings commented career suicide?  Contemporary, Elon Musk is insisting that employees report to the office or face termination and I guess many are resisting.  With electric car sales in the tank and social media struggling as well.  Is this the new generation of lemmings?

Social media in particular will face consolidation over the next few years.  This process is consistent with what other sectors have done as they mature.  Streaming video is another sector faced with low returns and too many vendors.

Ghosts from the past have the wisdom.  “Don’t do what I did,” is something we may hear a lot of soon.

The Only Constant is Change

Calcifying yourself like a mummy is a career/organization killer.  So why do it?  Embrace the new, after all that’s what most techies are telling all of us.  I fear; however, not all are ‘Walking the Walk.”  Thousands of years ago the Roman taught us, “Caveat Emptor” or buyer beware.  This wisdom still applies.

Change at a rate that works for you and your organization.  You may find that you like the new culture and say boo to the old.

What are you and your organization doing to keep the old demons at bay?

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