2020 Vision: Are Your Stars Aligned This Year?

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Depending on one’s perspective, 2020 is either the end of the last decade or the beginning of this one.  One can argue that our actual birthday is the day we were born and 12 months later we are one year old.  This suggests that on our tenth birthday we have lived a decade and a new one begins.  Probably this conundrum will still be a subject of discussion in 3020.

Going to our favorite breakfast cafe the Sunday after New Year’s Day, the parking lot was overflowing from patrons of the local gym in the strip center.  New Year’s resolutions in full force.  History suggests we will not have a parking problem by sometime in February.

Another Failure of Change Management?

Perhaps, but good intentions without an execution plan and realistic metrics play a role too.  Clarity of vision is important during times of transformation.

Organizational lucidity is also important.  The annual Letter from the Chairman of every US public company will extol virtues for their coming fiscal year.  Note to those in sales—this is what is important to management, i.e., the organization’s value proposition so read it and act accordingly.

Vision Duality

We all have a vision about the future of our career.  However, another vision is emerging—machines.  One topical subject is the so-called Digital Twin or a representation of reality as a 3D graphic.

This pundit and others have espoused this tool in support of Operational Excellence initiatives.  This extends human vision in ways that were not available in the past.

One can surmise as this year progresses, clarity in operations may get much better.  It follows that those willing to take advantage and ‘change’ how they see the world will progress faster and farther than those who choose not to.

Is the Future in the Stars?

Probably, but not as many astrologers would have us believe.

Stars will align this year for each individual who takes the initiative to make that happen.  Not astrological destiny, but proactive leadership with new ‘star’ management systems.

The Year is Almost Three Percent Old, What Have You Done So Far?

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