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The Tyranny of the Blank Sheet of Paper

We have all had that, “Where do I start” moment?  Confronted with the NEW, sometimes the task seems daunting.  In a recent conversation, a colleague and I were discussing an adult training program.  The subject centered on how to help students jump start a creative flow. We humans are fond of using so called cheat

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Man—Machine: Extension or Versus?

Are the emerging machines our friend or foe?  The debut of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things IoT) and a host of others seem to be drowning us as we drink from a technological fire hose.  Additionally, driverless vehicles, the Gig Economy et al. are conspiring to eliminate truck drivers and

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Celebrate Your Independence: Taking Charge of Your Career

Today, my country celebrates its 243rd birthday.  Many observe the day with family and friends and enjoy fireworks.  Consumption of hamburgers and hot dogs will most likely be huge. No one in the United States is still alive from the time when the colonists rowdily left Great Britain.  Moreover, the United Kingdom is one of

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