Pressure Differential

Fiery Burning Pain

Managing Tension at the Margin

As September draws to a close the Houston metropolitan area has dodged two hurricane bullets; Laura and Beta.  Fingers crossed that this very active season draws to an early and quiet close.  The beauty and downside of the 24/7 news and weather reporting is that lay people learn more jargon then we ever new possible.  Take for example, the term Pressure Differential.

One broadcaster used this phrase to describe the low at the eye-of-the-storm and circulating higher pressure.  In other words, the ‘tension at the margin’ or stress between competing bodies—the engine of power.

Humans constantly deal with this phenomenon and sometimes the stress caused by this dichotomy can seem to be overwhelming.  Sometimes, it seems this powerful internal engine races without a governor.

The Power of Change

The pandemic, storm season, economy, job, family and a host of other issues tug at our margins constantly.  When writing about stress, Winston Churchill famously stated, “But the element which is constant and common in all of them is Change.”

Mark Twain is credited with, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes (and it will change).”  Hurricane pressure differentials subside and the sun shines again.  Yet, the hurricane engine does not change of its own accord.

In the case of Beta, dry air at its margin was one element that sapped it of its strength.  Storms change as a result of exogenous events.  Humans can also incorporate endogenous actions as change agents.

Use Case

Recently, I commented on a LinkedIn post where the author was reminding recruiters that hospitality workers have great and transferable skills.  The example I suggested was around events.

The traditional conference event sector has been hit hard by the pandemic with most conferences cancelled.  The toll on those employees and supporting contractors must be horrendous.

However, there is a surge in online event like activity.  Many of the same activities for in person conferences are the same.

The program must be developed and marketed.  Speakers, panelists, participants and others must be recruited.  Wouldn’t those sales, planners and others from the traditional sector bring immediate and significant value to the digital venue?

The power of change is within all of us.  Govern that engine properly and your pressure differential will nullify.

What’s Your Change Plan for these Transformative Times?

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