Is Big Data Analysis Being Applied?


We have been hearing for years how, Big Data Analysis will help us optimize our businesses and generate performance at levels here to for never hear of.  So where is it now?

Two major sources for data on the Covid-19 virus are Johns Hopkins University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  This is fine at one level.  Living in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area, this pundit can see a general (real time) overview of the situation from either.

However, my home is on the west side of the city.  I was recently surprised to learn that most of the local exposure is on the east side; 30+ miles from my domicile.  Is my risk lower than I am being told by the authorities?  Or is it the same or higher?

Why am I staying at home?  Perhaps the result of a blunt policy instrument?

It appears to me that most medical professionals are not Data Scientists.  Absolutely knowledgeable in their field, including pathogens (I personally know many in the field including a pathologist).  Is that system taking help from data scientists?  I have not heard that it is.

Additionally, if the argument is we don’t yet have enough data, this holder of a doctoral degree will argue that Small Data set modeling can be effective as well.  My doctoral dissertation was founded on these statistics.

I have no doubt that the best minds are working this problem.  However, if policy makers take a hammer to the nail, when perhaps a series of tacks is appropriate, significant economic damage will continue.

The tack approach appears to be what we are hearing about certain parts of the United States coming back online in a week or so.  The concept of months some advocate makes no sense to this writer.  We will see social unrest long before that.

The Big Data Analysis sector has been pressing their value proposition and software/solutions for years as a way of optimizing businesses.  Why is the sector quiet regarding coronavirus?

If we can parse data and sell web advertisements based on ‘clicks’ why can’t we figure this out a level of granularity that allows the economy to restart (at least in some geographies)?  Get to work guys and prove my concerns wrong!

Finally, what is the role for Artificial Intelligence (AI)?  Its advocates suggest it has magical powers and it  has been used to solve other problems.  Prove it on this global stage!

Where are Big Data and AI in this fight?

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