Age Discrimination: Mandated by the Fed

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The current president of the United States is 80 years old.  He has indicated that that he will run for a second term.  If reelected, at the end of that terminus he will be 86!

Is that too old to run a country?  The Speaker of the House is 80, and her peers include a number of octogenarians from both parties including two so-called independents.

In an age when people routinely live into their 90s and even beyond, commercial airline pilots are forced to retire at age 65.  All the experience and knowledge is casually thrown away based on arbitrary thinking.

It is this writer’s understanding the commercial flight crews undergo flight physicals ever six months regardless of age.  Who hasn’t seen morbidity obese flight crew members waddle down the concourse?  So isn’t a 65 plus pilot in good shape a safer alternative to younger individuals in poorer health?

Take all that knowledge and experience and throw it away at 65.  Dah!!  Stupid is as Stupid does.

Leave it to government to tell us how to live.  Who elected them king?

How big a law suit would you file if you were fired because of your age?

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