Technology Betrayal

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In one case, a new cell phone (2023 purchase) went dead.  The replacement and the subsequent replacement did the same thing.  Now on the 4th phone, a work around has been found.

The promise of technology is legendary.  However, the hype is often over the top and not a statement of realty.  The movement towards, MVP (minimum viable product) is but one of the issues technology providers face.

The idea is to get to market with a version that meets the basic level of functionality that addresses a customer’s requirement.  One way to view this is as a market research tool.  However, in this author’s experience an MVP (with minimal or no changes) often becomes the first marketable version as develops rush to secure market share.  In our recent book, Smart Manufacturing we address the the Gartner Hype Cycle and state, “We live in an era of exploding technologies.  Daily, some new whiz-bang widget is announced and—Hyped!  No longer better than sliced bread, new technology promise everything from global peace to weight loss.”

Caveat Emptor!

We are repeatedly reminded that the computer chip is at the heart of all products and our everyday life.  This blogger does not deny that point of view.  However, this extreme dependence has drawbacks as well.  For one thing, the quality of the software is only as good as the development team.

According to one source software quality assurance is, “A process that focuses on identifying and maintaining set requirements for developing reliable products.”  Previously, we defined validity and reliability as the first tenet of data quality assessment.  So it is with the software providing or using said data.

In December 2022, the consulting firm McKinsey published, “Every company is a software company: Six ‘must dos’ to succeed.”  In that article, they posit that to be successful organizations will need to develop their own software.  This will require that organizations internalize the software development process as part of their core business capitalizing on their Subject Matter Expertise.

How ready is your organization for this emerging business model?

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Additional Resources

There are significant resources available on the subject.  Our intent is not to provide a comprehensive list, but a few that are oriented towards the layperson and not just the developer.  In no particular order:

Interested readers can search for ‘software errors,’ ‘software quality assurance’ and other similar key words.


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