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A recent TEXT from a possible vendor did not identified himself as a referral.  I did not pay any attention to it and both of us missed an opportunity.

In our social media age with its shorthand, i.e. HRU, much can be lost in the exchange.  Like most of us I am bombarded with those seeking my attention.  So if the message is to get through the clutter it has to have meaning and a CALL TO ACTION.

One can argue that all the communications tools at our disposal, we have lost the art of communicating.  This is a loss far beyond hiring a vendor.

Dale Carnegie famous said, “Tell the audience what you’re going to say, say it; then tell them what you’ve said.”  This approach works for text messages as well.  And do not forget to introduce your self if the individual does not know you and/or your organization.  By the way, do your homework and don’t waste anyone’s time–a sure deal killer.

Finally, in our globally connected economy, the language you speak may not the first or even a language the recipient understands.  Translators are great software tools but they are not perfect and nuances may be lost.  If I don’t know the sender, this pundit automatically hits spam on messages in the language I understand and it is not on me to spend the time and energy to translate your sales pitch.

What is your organization’s process to make sure its message is getting through?

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