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Category: Cross Culture

Brand Your Digital Oilfield Culture: Internalize Its Transformation

Our recent article, “The Digital Oilfield Culture: Transformation Value for the Organizational Ecosystem” (pp.24-26) takes a somewhat different change management approach.[i]  Why not brand your digital oilfield culture? Most consumers are familiar with the so-called ‘Brand Name.’  These are names so ubiquitous that in some…

Selling Your Economic Value Proposition to the C Suite: Translating Technology to the Language of Business

The challenge of building a Business Case for CAPEX investments with high intangible content, i.e., IoT, professional services and operational excellence, remains difficult.  Many also argue that disruptive new business models are making the old ways irrelevant. Hence, we simply must make the investment to…

Organizational Predators: Jackals, Hyenas, and Wolves in Managerial Clothing

Prologue In the author’s August 2004 edition of the then, Executive Briefing Newsletter (early online delivery) we addressed the impact on the firm of managerial misbehavior.  This article was one of a list of challenges put forth to that generation of management. Sadly, recent events…

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