My apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson.  The long forecast “Big Crew Change” is well underway and may in fact already be (mostly) over.  Many “Baby Boomers” have left the building and the rest will follow shortly.

For years, this pundit has heard the lament about how to capture their knowledge before they hit the golf courses and it is lost forever.  Many Knowledge Management initiatives have had this Critical Success Factor (CSF) as one of their metrics.

To this end, several Mentoring, Training and other Venues are available, and this writer is involved with several.  Most are somewhat successful and impart value to those who follow.

However, some of us impart knowledge by lecturing.  We often have the perception that we know what’s best and sometimes ‘core dump’ as well.

There may be some justification to this approach as students do need leadership and may not know exactly what to ask.  In my youth, this writer benefited greatly by On the Job training.  This is especially true in technical areas. However, there is another way!

Instead of Information Push, how about Knowledge Pull?

This pundit was recently approach by an organization founded by college students, Interviewing Inspiration regarding an interview.  Their mission: “Interviewing Inspiration connects students to business leaders.  We are helping students get in the passenger seat of business leaders across multiple industries.”[i]

The interview focused on my process of transition from college (and in my case the military) to the workforce.  What were my concerns, fears, challenges, etc. at the beginning of my career?

The intent is to transfer those life lessons of the past to those currently or in the near future making the same transition.  Granted several decades separate my entry from those today, but one thing does not change—human nature.

The delivery of this interview is through a Podcast and my interview is available either online or through the iTunes store

Other executives have been interviewed and interested readers will find more information on the Interviewing Inspiration website.

Value Proposition

It seems to me there are at least two take-aways from these interviews.  First, these are questions that concern this new generation and they are thirsting for knowledge as they make this transition.  It makes sense to turn to those who have gone before.  Hopefully, not to repeat many of our mistakes!

Additionally, for employers and other interested parties (schools et al) this is insight into the emerging workforce thinking and behavior.  Unfiltered discussion that is not available through traditional surveying/interviewing techniques.

Information from this bridge across the cultural divide between generations is captured and available to all on a Knowledge Delivery Platform that young people are comfortable with.  A great way to impart insight!

How Does Your Organization Transfer Knowledge?

For more information or to volunteer to be interviewed by Interviewing Inspiration Contact Us and we will facilitate the introduction.

Full Disclosure:  Interviewing Inspiration and its principals, advisors et al and this author and/or The Rapid Response Institute LLC and its principals do not have a business/financial/investment relationship that goes beyond the recorded interview referenced herein.