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It’s The Holiday Season–Maybe?

At least in the United States we will soon be kicking off the Holiday Season with all the craziness it brings. Starting with the US Thanksgiving, followed by Black Friday (often practiced the entire month of November) many will prepare for Santa Claus then on into the New Year’s celebration.  Many religions have holy days

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Hierarchy of Team Needs in Challenging Times

First it was Covid-19 and now a Recession?  Is a Global Military Conflict on the Horizon as well?   Social, economic and personal pressures continue to mount.  There is already evidence of Reductions in Force, (RIF) aka layoffs are underway or planned.  With consumers stretched to the max, higher interest rates, equity markets in retreat and

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Agility, Resiliency and Sustainability: Needed Now More than Ever

This pundit and his firm have long been proponents of building organizational cultures that provide firm the capability of adjusting to ‘events on the ground’ quickly with strong Situational Awareness.  Moreover, when adversity raises its ugly head, the response of a High Reliability Organization enables the resilience to adjust and go forward.  Finally, stakeholder value

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At the Precipice?

On October 8, 2021, we posted the blog, Welcome to the 70s–Again!  The point that the awful economy of that decade could return.  It seems that one year later, those comments have come true.  Many are now freely comparing out contemporary time to that period before most adults were born.  This Baby Boomer graduated from

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Will Price Controls Work This Time?

Update: Just after we published this edition, Goldman Sachs released this comprehensive research piece; Stagflation Risk. Recently, one media outlet raised the suggestion of government price controls.  Generally, seen as a bad idea, none-the-less in this inflationary environment, some may perceive value from an action of this kind. Additionally, in the current environment some politicians

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Welcome to the 70s—Again!

This Baby Boomer graduated from college in 1970.  Just in time for Saturday Night Fever and Grease, Avocado colored refrigerators and Harvest Gold dinnerware.  Plus, the best friend a then bachelor ever had–the microwave oven! Not to forget the Gasoline Lines and Hyper Inflation, Vietnam, Peace/Race Protests/Riots, a Major Recession, Stagflation and other wonderful (not)

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