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At the Precipice?

On October 8, 2021, we posted the blog, Welcome to the 70s–Again!  The point that the awful economy of that decade could return.  It seems that one year later, those comments have come true.  Many are now freely comparing out contemporary time to that period before most adults were born.  This Baby Boomer graduated from

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So Here We Go Again?

Will gas lines return? Recent geopolitical events have driven the price of gasoline sky high–again!  As of this writing it is difficult to say where this will all lead.  What is known is that the cost of all things related to petroleum have significantly increased and may go even higher. According to the U.S. Department

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Beware The Guns of March?

Readers know that as of this writing there is geopolitical and military tension in eastern Europe.  Hopefully, the situation will resolve peacefully. This piece is not about those politics.  Rather it is about the potential for accidental engagement and how that risk can be mitigated. President Kennedy is famously cited for the comment that referred

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