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The State of SEMS – The Industry Transformation to a Culture of Safety (2nd Edition)


The first edition of this research was released in January 2013 prior to the Revisions to SEMS Final Rule (SEMS II).  A number of industry initiatives as well as ongoing implementation of these regulatory requirements suggest that an update to the first edition is necessary.  In this second edition, we will address this new information as well as correcting errors and omissions in the first edition.

As with the earlier work, this document is footnoted as appropriate so interested readers can conduct their own further investigation of the points made herein.  This study represents the most comprehensive and thorough assessment of current state of SEMS and key trends yet published.

Learn what the major industry operators are doing to comply with the new SEMS regulations, the audit process, enabling technologies as well as SEMS solution your company can implement or benchmark against.  The document is extensively referenced throughout. Typically, footnotes with web links as are available for ease of readership; however, additional material is contained in the Glossary, Bibliography and End Notes.

This document will provide you and your firm the knowledge you need to compare your SEMS implementation to that of industry good practices or use the SEMS Implementation Framework to build your own.


A high level overview of key events leading to the current status is provided in the new section, Timeline to SEMS

A new section on industry transformation towards a Culture of Safety, Change Management has been added

Expanded the section on Bridging Documents

Added a new section titled Audit and Certification Process

Added section on a Culture of Safety as defined by the former Director of BSEE

Added information regarding the May Kay O’’Connor Process Safety Center (MKOPSC) and its new role in offshore safety

Additional information and updates are added to the Enabling Technologies section


To gain an understanding of Industry “Good” Practices and Trends

Compliance Management and Economic Model

Form a robust SEMS Implementation Framework

November, 2013