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The Emergence of a Culture of Safety Online Class


In 2013, The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) announced its Final Safety Culture Policy defining the nine characteristics of a Robust Safety Culture.  This policy identifies the critical human factor element and its role in safety.  This unique video provides you with a robust overview in less than 80 minutes of what is going on out there.   Not just a short online presentation but one that provides the viewer with a ROAD MAP and ACTION PLAN to implement a sustainable Culture of Safety in their organization, including their extended enterprise and supply chain.

Topic’s Covered

Characteristics of a Robust Safety Culture

How the industry is implementing the Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) regulations

Systemic Risk Management

Mobility Enabled Operations Management System (OMS)

Making Change Happen-Implementing a Culture of Safety

Other industry “good” practices

High Reliability Management (HRM)

Who should Attend

Leaders will develop an understanding of the challenges upstream operations face and learn how to implement a Culture of Safety in their organization

Operations management will learn industry “good” practices that they can adopt immediately

Energy Service and Engineering companies will learn what is required of them to support their customer’s Culture of Safety and SEMS requirements

Manufacturers will learn what is required of their installation and maintenance processes to meet the SEMS requirements

Process and occupational safety personnel will learn how to incorporate safety into governance models

HR personnel will learn what is expected to assure Workforce Competencies required today

Legal and other advisers will develop a broad understanding of the challenges their clients are facing in our Post-Macondo world

Political leaders, journalists, and others interested in safety in oil and gas operations

NOT just for viewers in the USA or offshore-A Culture of Safety is emerging on a global scale

About the Instructor

Dr. Scott M. Shemwell, Managing Director of The Rapid Response Institute


This class is entirely web-based.  After purchase you will be sent a link including username and password to login to the class.  The class runs just under 80 minutes in length.