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Survey: Customer Satisfaction

The firm has conducted a number of customer satisfaction surveys designed to provide clients with independent feedback and performance assessment from their existing customers.  These have been conducted both anonymously as well openly acknowledging the client name.

Individual interviews as well as electronic data capture are used and a detailed analysis of the results provided.  Clients have been able to adapt product/service offerings as a result, thus assuring previously unknown issues are addressed.

Our subject matter experts are trained both in survey and research methodologies as well as the fields in which our clients operate.  For example, in one case we conducted a research assessment regarding the possible change of the existing business model to one of shared equity in oilfield service operations.

The survey revealed not just concerns and misunderstanding the customer base had regarding this change but also one area where significant change was necessary to prevent customer defections.  As a result, the business model was fine-tuned and changes were made to the customer acquisition process.

Feedback from the client indicated significant value was captured from the information gained and its analysis.

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